Back in 2005 my department applied for a SAFER grant. We were awarded, but the twp declined the award (I think that we may have been one of the first. It was a $900,000 award). The POP would have ended last November. I received an email stating that I have to filed a closeout report, I called the SAFER closeout contact and told him that we never accepted the award. Was told that it was a computer clich, to go ahead and disregaurd any of the emails. Last week I get a phone call on my cell phone (first for me) reminding me that the closeout was due. Told him the same story, he said ok have a nice day. The next day I get a email about the closeout. Made a few phone calls and found out that I do have to file a closeout even though we never received any funds. I didn't have any thing to do with the grant back then.
So if you get a email for a SAFER grant that you didn't accept, you need to do a close out. Just put zero's in all of the spots (this is what I was told to do) and in the nar. section just state that you never accepted the funding.