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    Default Table Top Exercise

    I have recently implemented a table top exercise at our monthly officers meeting. I try to keep these to around 30 minutes. I feel this is a quick and simple way to train on some out of the ordinary topics to better my command staff. We utilize the NIMS ICS structure assigning an officer to each role. We also utilize the ICS on all trainings.

    Our command staff is comprised of
    1 Chief
    1 Deputy Chief
    2 Battalion Chief
    3 Captains
    3 Lieutenants
    3 Crew Leaders

    A few topics we have already covered include
    Confined Space Rescue
    Mass Casualty Incidents
    Haz Mat Incident
    School Shootings

    I am looking for any suggestions for topics the exercises. Thank you for your thoughts.

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    Try some unusual situations for "usual" incidents -
    High winds creating an extensive brand problem or similar issue, severely stretching your resources.
    Loss or unavailability of water supply (pump fails in water system, DPW has a section of the water system shut down for maintenance, etc).
    Unexpected haz-mat situation - ie "souvenier" hand grenade - apparently intact - found during search, an apparent radiation issue discovered.

    Start the exercise with a routine response to a common incident. Then about the time they're getting comfortable, throw them a curve. Or see how they handle a known situation surrounding a common incident - like the wind.
    The idea is to make your folks think on their feet in the face of an unexpected occurance in the timeline of a "routine" event. How well can they blend the new situation into the ongoing operation?
    Opinions my own. Standard disclaimers apply.

    Everyone goes home. Safety begins with you.

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    I agree with Tree, start with a "bread and butter" incident and then throw them a curve ball. Other ideas may be a RIT/Mayday scenerio, or a delayed response/short staffing incident. Along the lines of the water supply, also look at equipment failures like an engine not going into pump gear, a hose failure etc.

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    Thanks for the great ideas, I will throw the grenade in!! Pun intended.

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