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    Default Interested in a Prevention/Investigation/Codes career

    I also posted in the prevention forum, so please excuse me if you already read my intentions. I am interested in working in the prevention/investigation/codes field. My original goal was to work as a seasonal firefighter for a few years in hopes of potentially branching off into prevention. Unfortunately my plans haven't worked out exactly like I had hoped.
    I have worked as an Intern Firefighter EMT for 5 years(3-24hr shifts a month), and a volunteer for just under two years. I also have my A.S. in Fire Technology and will have my B.S. in Fire Prevention by the end of the year.
    Does anyone have any advice as to what courses and training I could take to increase my chances in the field, I keep reading about having code certificates but I am not very informed on how to take themI'mIm interested in state, city, and private (insurance) jobs in relation to the field.

    Here's a list of what certificates I have.
    A.S. Fire Technology
    B.S. Fire Prevention (2013)
    Firefighter 1
    Firefighter 2
    Fire Investigation 1A
    Fire Investigation 1B
    Cal Fire 67 hr
    Confined Space Awareness
    Hazmat Fro
    Low Angle Rescue
    ICS 100
    ICS 200
    ICS 340
    IS 5A
    ICS 700

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    For Code Enforcement/Building Inspectors/Plans Examiners,state certification is usually required, and is usually done though the International Codes Council www.iccsafe.org- you can test through the ICC's testing service (Pearson-Vue) and then apply for state reciprocity. Tests are taken at testing centers located throughout the country, if Pearson Vue does not have a location in your area there are provisions set up to seat you for a test in some other fashion.
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    Get a fire protection engineer degree and you kind of write your own ticket

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