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    Default Written Test Questions

    I took the written test in Richmond a couple weeks ago and next week i will be taking the test in Charlotte. I felt i did fairly well on the written test but there were some questions i wasnt sure if i answered correctly and im wondering how i should answer similar ones for Charlotte. The ones i would say that gave me the most difficultly were the most/least appropriate questions, pretty much the choices came down to do/say nothing, talk to the person, talk to other people or rat to the chief. I just wasnt sure what would be the best answer they were looking for. Its not that the questions were difficult to answer its just i wasnt sure the best answer they were looking for. Are they looking for the politically correct answer or how i would actually answer.


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    What you would truthfully do in the situation

    Integrity ////. Not as in " Rat"

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    How would you answer this question if it was in an oral interview? If you’re not prepared for that question, you are not prepared for an oral interview. A question like that is as common in an oral interview as a question about lying or stealing.

    Questions regarding dealing with others should always be handled and the lowest level. Talk to the guy, get help from another firefighter or engineer, and as a very last resort, when all else has failed and it is clear it is a real problem that has to be solved, go to a superior.

    You should prepare for each portion of the test in order. Being great at an oral interview won’t help you if you can’t pass the written or physical tests. But as you will see, more and more departments are including pre-phsyc., as well as situational questions in their written tests. They would prefer to eliminate people that may fail out later as earlier as possible. It saves them money by reducing the numbers early. So getting your ability to answer the situation questions well in the oral interviews will help you get through the written tests. You also really don’t want to start preparing for your oral after you pass the written, think of how long you have prepared for the written and physical tests. Usually the oral is what gets you the job. It’s not uncommon to be 100%
    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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