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    Default Looking for advice from older probies (40-50 range)

    I am really interested in applying for a fire fighting job and I know that the Dept in my community will be hiring in 2014. I will be 51 then. I was an explorer and then a volunteer fireman in another part of the country for almost 10 years but that ended way back in 1987.

    I plan to get my EMT cert. this year and am in good shape. I also have a ton of experience with tools and the building trades.

    Is it ridiculous to think I have a chance at this?? Anyone who was an older probie have any advice?

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    Goldy, i'll let you know. I'm 44, and just starting out. No previous experience in the field.

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    Hi Dave,
    Great to hear from you. Have you just been hired at a dept.?? If so where? If you hear of anyone else, especially someone close to 50, please send them my way.


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    I am not a probie, but would like to offer some advice.

    For the dept. that you are a applying to, request a copy of their job description for that position (Firefighter, etc.).

    See what the minimum requirements are (typically FFI, II, EMT, driver license, no criminal record, etc.)

    See if you meet those requirements. If you do not, see what you can do to meet those minimum requirements.

    Firefighter entry level positions are highly competitive. You want to be at the top of the pack. Now is the time to prepare.
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