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    Default Kansas City Kansas Hiring


    Just dropping this here- KCK is starting a process for FF EMT and FF MICTs.

    I am leaving the link for the HR website, but it looks like the job applications process is open until April 10 which should be plenty of time to get your applications in.

    I personally interned at KCK some and it's a cool dept. Lots of fire and good EMS. Great guys to boot with the old school mentality/tradition.

    There are a few on here that will surely chime in who actually work for KCK. They have always been a great help for sharing the information about their department.

    I don't know and haven't heard any of the rumors about #'s for hiring. I do know that the process typically is longer than most in the area on the KS side, but worth the wait.

    In the past it has been the written test, physical test (cake) and a quick interview initially on the day of the physical. They then did an interview with the chief an an HR individual. My process was medics only and they were not willing to work with me as I was still a current medic student with about 4 months left of class meeting once every 2 weeks.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for posting. There's not much info on the minimum requirements, but I thought they had an age cutoff of 33. Do you know about this or the other minimum requirements by any chance? If not, I will just reach out to their HR, but figured it wouldn't hurt to see what you or others knew. Thanks again

    Stay safe

    Edit: nevermind. Found the .pdf that has all that info.
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    Bumping this up for new eyes to see

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    Default Update to Kansas City Kansas

    There is no age requirement.
    The process has been moved up
    Apps can be picked up by 3-8 and turned in no later that 3-20. Check out the web site. READ the details next to the firefighter posting

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