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    Default Rubber or Leather

    Whats a good, comfortable, inexpensive pair of boots? Rubber or Leather, for only 100-150 runs a year.
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    I would just search Craigslist and get a used pair of boots (they are usually rubber). I would then save up until you can purchase your own pair of leathers.
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    I dont care if I go on 10 runs a year.... leather boots all the way!

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    Why are you buying boots/why isn't your dept providing PPE? Don't settle on a crappy used pair of boots because they're cheap. Rubber or leather, that's for you to decide. I know guys who will only wear rubber due to the environment they're in. It just depends on the user. Remember cheap doesn't equal comfort.

    Wolfn, that is horrible advise. Wait until your on the job to give a professional opinion. Do not buy your gear off craigslist.

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