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    Question They call me Probie

    Hey everyone. My name is Derek. I am basic 36 hour volunteer firefighter for Scioto township fire/ems.
    Just some background on me.
    I have always wanted to be a firefighter.
    When i graduated and was able to be a firefighter I signed up ASAP.
    My official join date to the Dept. was Sept. 11th 2012.

    My question to start things off. Should I follow my dream to be a firefighter?
    That is the biggest problem I am having at the moment.
    I live in Ohio which firefighting jobs are become hard to get.
    I really want to be a paid FF/Paramedic but is it worth the chance?
    I just got my acceptance lettering to a college to do my 240/medic in 6 months.
    My just received that letter I mean 20 mins ago.
    I just don't want to waste the money if I can't get the job.
    I am sorry if I sound whiny and all but I am just worried.
    It feels like my dream is just a silly childhood fantasy.

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    Fair questions, Derek.

    Some things to think about:

    Is it important for you to be employed near your hometown? Are you willing to consider career opportunities in other cities/counties in Ohio? How about in other states? If you are willing to move to take a job, that will open opportunities for you, if...

    A. You are in good health and would make a good candidate based on your physical abilities

    B. You are of good moral character and would pass a background check

    C. Hold a current and valid driver's license and have a fairly clean driving record

    D. Have some general job experience (at least a year or two of work experience, or a college degree if no work experience).

    If you have those attributes, consider whether your college program will result in a certification that is recognized in the places you would consider working. If it results in a National Registry certification, that will be very helpful. As a generalization, a firefighter candidate who possesses an advanced life support certification will always have a better chance at being hired than one who does not. That's a certification that is worth money and will open doors for you, especially in larger departments that offer both fire and EMS. If the college program you are considering won't get you there, find another program. there are a lot of schools that offer good paramedic programs. One other thing: Can you speak another language in addition to English? This is also a differentiator among applicants in areas with a population that speaks other languages. Think about that as you consider where you want to work. That's all the practical advice I have. If you think you can pass muster on most of these attributes, I say go for it - follow your dream!

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    Thank you. I am going to follow my dream. Why not be happy? I am going to continue volunteering even when I go to college for my 240/medic. That way my experience never stops. This is what I want. Plus I will move wherever to get a job.

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