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    Question Is PTSD a disqualifier ?

    Hey I'm FunkFace.

    I'm a former Marine who served in Afghanistan. I got out about a year and a half ago.

    When I got out I fully dedicated myself to becoming a firefighter. Infact, I'm nearly done with an associates degree in fire science and will be going for a bachelors shortly. I have yet to test with a department but I understand the process. I know there is a psych eval.

    After talking with my brother (who is also a Marine) I have come to the conclusion that I may be showing signs of PTSD. Without going into specifics, it is mostly sleeplessness/isolation/other stuff... Basically, I'm not going to "snap" or anything. But I would like to get it checked out.

    That being said, I wasn't lying about being dedicated to becoming a firefighter. If this is something that will disqualify me, I'm staying out of the doctors office.

    Advice is welcome.

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    go get evaluated no matter what direction you go in life

    what state are you in??

    sounds like headed in the right direction, and should do good

    suggest you look around different cities in your area and see what the minimum requirements are just to apply, and get them first and then start testing anywhere and everywhere.

    check to see if some level of emt is required and if so would highly suggest that be your next class.

    I will have to check our applications, but do not remember if there is a question on the about mental health, and do not think they can ask!
    There is a general question, basicaly is there anything that would not allow you to do the job.

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    Ive never heard of PTSD being an automatic DQ.

    If there is no record of you being diagnosed or receiving treatment for the disorder, i wouldnt think that it would be a big deal. If it is something that you have been prescribed a bunch of antipsychotic medications for, then it may be an issue.

    Psych evals for the fire department are pretty straight forward. Bubble tests that will assess your mental stability and what not. In my opinion, you would need to have some pretty serious problems to fail one of these things. In no way am i saying to provide any misinformation on an eval, but its pretty obvious which answers they are looking for on most questions. If you answer "yes" to a question like "i hear voices telling me to harm others", you are gonna raise some eye brows.

    I would seek some type of counseling for sure, your personal health is the most important issue here. But be aware that if you make this a bigger issue than it actually is, it could hurt your chances of getting hired. If its just some mild depression, not an issue at all. If its something that requires heavy doses of meds, it may bite you in the ***.

    Departments have no problem hiring people with run of the mill mental disabilities (i am one of them), but they will be weary of hiring somebody who suffers from hallucinations or something sever like that.

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    Get the evaluation and if you are diagnosed with PTSD, get the help you need to fix/control it. Long term health and wellness is the most important thing you can do for you and your loved ones. PTSD can be a real bitch, but with the right help, it is manageable.

    38 years of fire service blood, guts, gore, death, destruction, etc. caused my PTSD, but is is well controlled right now. You will see a lot of **** in this career field.

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