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    Default Starting training a month late

    Hey everyone, new guy here.

    I've been trying to get on my local FD for 3 years and at the beginning I didn't have any connections. This past year I went and got my Advanced EMT certification before the hiring process and met a lot of people during the process that have helped me tremendously. Unfortunately, I was not hired after the hiring process.

    The training class that was hired started January 7th of this year in a 3 month program (FF1/FF2). Someone dropped out this past week and they gave me a call to join ASAP. My first day is Tuesday joining the training class and I have a months worth of classwork and training to catch up on. It is very stressful to be this far behind but I'm just so glad to finally have a chance to prove myself.

    Out of the 20 in the class I'm close friends with 3 of them and they have told me exactly what to expect and have helped me with turnout gear and training exercises so I won't be lost the first day.

    I have read some great threads here that have already helped and made me feel more confident about training and what to expect. Thanks for the info and chance for me to be part of the community. And wish me luck catching up! Also, any advice for someone far behind is more than welcome. Thanks

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    Congrats on getting into the probie class. I wish you well. Study hard pay attention to what they tell you in class. Ask for help if you dont understand something. I have not been through a probie course like this sounds like so I dont have anything specific to offer only general suggestions.

    again Congrats and good luck
    FF II, EMT-P, Hazmat Tech

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