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    Default Scott 2.2 regulator diaphragms

    Have any of my fellow Northeastern depts run into problems getting diaphragms for Scott 2.2 (or 4.5) second stage regulators? (the older ones, not the newer stuff) When our packs were last flow tested, I was told by the company that the diaphragms were no longer being manufactured, and that any packs with bad diaphragms would require a regulator replacement. Given that there are still many of these packs in service, state and region-wide, my BS detector went off, and into full alert mode after speaking with a veteran SCBA tech elsewhere.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Repairs

    As a Certified Scott repairman since 1978 I can say they are probably right.We had 2.2's back then and with all of the new technology today I'd think most would be off the shelves. I'd dig deep and see if there's still some around and maybe some Fire District near you has the same problem.
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    That is their way of forcing you to buy new equipment. Make a cheap part unobtainium and then you have to replace them. Business must be slowing down for them.

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