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    Default Pro board accreditation

    Quick question for anyone who might know.. I am currently trying to get my certifications that I have taken in Pennsylvania pro board certified. I took Hazmat Ops NFPA 472 in March of 2011 and I also have a Pa department of health (from the office of the state fire commissioner, 48 hour class) Basic vehicle Rescue Technician certification. Is there anyway in which I can get these certs pro board certified? Or do I need to take the classes over again since they are almost two years old at this point? I read on the pro board website you just fill out the request form an mail it in. Can anybody let me know if that's all you have to do or is there more to the process?

    I appreciate the help. Im trying to apply for a job and all the prerequisites require prob board certification.

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    Have you called the schools where you went to class and asked the question or the state???


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    I know I took Haz-Mat Ops awhile ago, and had to re-take the whole class to get my pro-board accreditation through Bucks County Community College. I grabbed it when i was in their Basic Fire Academy Class obtaining my Pro-Board Firefighter 1.
    Firefighter 1/ PA EMT-B

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