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Thread: SAM Information

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    I know everyone in here has gotten their belly-full of www.SAM.gov but at least those of us in here have initiated efforts to comply with this. Its all those others out there that never read in here or check their online applications or don't look at the emails from FEMA that are holding everything up here. I hope everyone has learned a lesson from this, don't ignore when they tell us we have to do something. I know it always said you would not have to have a SAM registration unless you got an award but I think many are waiting to see if they get notified that an award is pending or to see if a DJ lands in their inbox but folks, that's plain and simple wrong. The correct thing to do is for all of us to jointly be stressing in our Chief meetings, gatherings and even in our conversations with others that if they are going to participate in any manner whatsoever with Federal grants that they go get themselves registered NOW! Instead of bemoaning FEMA and AFG for imposing yet another condition of award ( which they didn't, OMB did!) we need to quit complaining and start complying! If we want our anticipated awards to happen, then we need to start spreading the word more outside our forum thread!
    Kurt Bradley
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    Right with you Kurt! I'm not taking the chance of missing out on MONEY!

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