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    Default The Fire Department Makes Me Sick- w/ Video

    This guy sure is vocal and over dramatic.

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    I don't mind fire rolling over my head. I just don't like it rolling UNDER my a**.

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    Its on Statter - and my take on it is laugh it off. Unfortunatly a large percentage of "firefighters?" have the attitude of "how dare they insult Americas heros" - and on the face book page tell him to "choke on a d!ck" etc. Come on -be the bigger man, dont stoop to his level.

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    As I said on Statter - he may have a certain point - they probably were upwind of his house, and some people are pretty sensitive to Diesel fumes.

    He makes no indication, though, that he's made any sort of complaint/report to the FD - he seems to feel that they should just "know" that doing their thing at that spot is a problem for him.

    If you look at his other videos, though, it becomes apparent that he's mostly a complainer.
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