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    Default Power Stretcher Justification

    Working on a justification for power stretchers for our budget; does anyone have a justification they have used so I could see if there is anything I forgot to mention. You can e-mail me at bainterg@webstergroves.org


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    "The cost of a back injury, as estimated by the Maine Municipal Association, our Workers Compensation Carrier, costs a minimum of $16,000.00 and often goes higher. There is also the time lost serving the community and family during recovery. There is no future in being injured or disabled. Therefore, we place a very high priority on the need to resolve this problem. "
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    The average weight of our patients is increasing and the need for us to lift in excess of 300 pounds repeatedly is causing long term repetitive risk to our providers and the risk of dropping a patient.
    In the old days it was rare to see a 300 pounder, today it's a rarity to find one under.
    We are seeing many Pt's in the 350-450 lb class and it is just unsafe to try to lift them.
    the biggest risk is the deadlift from the ground position to loading height and lowering the stretcher to the proper height to match the hospital bed for transfer.

    We placed a Stryker power MX pro in service back in September.
    Once you use it you will never go back. My back thanks me immensely. They are also rated a higher capacity than our previous MX pro manual lift cot. 750 lbs instead of 500 lbs.
    Even the patients have noticed how much safer it is for us & them.

    As casco said check with your workman's comp carrier and ask them how many back injuries they record annually and what the average costs for those injuries is. Also how many career ending injuries are caused by lifting large patients repetitively.

    Was it worth the cost? You bet your bippee it was. I would have given part of my own pay for it if needed.
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