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    Default looking for retrofit of wetside tank

    We are looking to replace a 1500 gallon tank that is currently a steel tank with a wetside tank and put on the 2000 chassis that we have. Wondering if anyone else has done this and what companys will do this and approximate costs. We got one quote of $60,000 and for that cost we will buy a used truck and sell the one we have. Just looking for anyone that has done this. we would be using the pump we have and looking for something fairly basic. newton dump in rear. just thought this quote through a company that we have bought from the past seemed way high.

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    Get more bids from other vendors then, you will most likely find out they probably aren't "way high" after all.

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    Where are you located?

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    Since you are effectively replacing the entire body your price does not sound out of line.
    A steel wetside has to be completely reconfigured to hold a poly tank. It's not like removing a tank & having a new one built to fit in it's place.

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    Got any pictures?

    I have seen wet sides where the tank was separate from the body but, that kinda defeats the purpose of the concept.

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