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    Default Obama Care impact on part-time firefighters and paramedics

    How does this 30 hour shift limit for part-time employees going to affect your department if it uses part-time firefighters and paramedics that work 24 hour shifts to cover full time employees sick, vacations or KELLY days ? It's not like we can just find these skilled and professional assets everywhere and lives depend on their services everyday.

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    I cannot believe this is extending into all part-time jobs. Sure, the big boy corporations that abuse their part-time employees and don't give them insurance, should be made to pay out. But, if you have a full-time job, and can prove that hey have insurance, should be able to exempt from this. We firefighters don't make a huge salary, and depend on part-time jobs to survive. I know I do!! My part-time job has hired a bunch of new people to help with staffing and it has made it impossible to get shifts. It's a very upsetting thing when you have to deal with the tax increase, and now the fact that I have to cut back my hours at my second job as well!! Obama is really screwing things up for me and my family. Now I might have to go out and get a third job. Thanks a lot Bin Laden....

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