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    Default Military Reserves and Houston Fire Department

    Hello everyone! Couple questions:

    I'm taking the civil service exam next month on March 13 for the Houston Fire Department. I'm 31 years old, pretty intelligent - have an Associate's Degree in Science and a total of 95 college credits (towards a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice). Served 4 years in the Navy, Active Duty from 2005-2009.

    I'm considering reenlisting in the Navy, but in the Reserves. The Reserves requires 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year. Will I be at a disadvantage being in the reserves because I wouldn't be able to work 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks per year? Or do most fire departments allow you to be in the Reserves and give you the time off to do your monthly service? What if I'm deployed for say 6 months? Would I get layed off?

    Next: Overall, do you enjoy your career? I know there's good days and bad days, but do you regret your decision to become a firefighter? If it's anything like the Navy, then I think I'll be happy. I love comradary, I love a rank structure and having higher positions to respect and learn from. I love serving my country and city. I love knowing my job is important, and I love spur of the moment lets hurry up and get this done (but do it the right way). I just hope that is what being a firefighter is like

    I know there's a lot of "politics" involved, I saw it in the military everyday. How bad is the new guy hazing? Do you get treated like crap? I hope i get treated like crap one day for being the new guy at the station....because that would mean I made. I made it to my dream job.

    Any and all comments are appreciated. Thank You to all you firefighters, emergency personnel, police, & military. I genuinely appreciate your service and I'm forever grateful. If god decides I'm not supposed to work for Houston Fire Department, then so be it, it wasn't meant to be. But if I am, I look forward to joining the ranks amongst you and serving my city. Thanks and God Bless!

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    USERRA is all of have to say about the Reserves and any Job. A department shouldnt be able to discriminate against you because of your military service. Having said that it is illegal for them to do so and if you wanted you could take it to court. But I am fairly although never having worked in Houston, that they wouldnt have much to say about your reserve or drill time. On the flip side however, you can, dependent on the reserve unit youre attached to, do all your drill time at once, so basically save up all your leave and pto, and do you 2 weeks plus drills all at once and make a double pay check.
    The second question is easy to answer yes! And Yes- its like every job, there are politics, there is drama, there are bad people, there are good people. The question you have t ask yourself is do you really want to be a firefighter. Dont do it because it sounds neat, and the pay is decent, do it because you love it and have always wanted to do it. Thats all and have a great day- sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors

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