I received a question from a Wisconsin fire officer who is asking about 'standards' that apply to vehicle rescue. here is the question and then my reply. If you have more information on this, especially for Wisconsin fire service members, please chime in.

QUESTION: I have been asked to find out what regulations, statues, certifications and/or mandates that vehicle extrication falls under. I have your text book Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3 and you use NFPA 1670 for competency. I am just wondering if you know of any other information fire departments are held to?

I have also contacted our local technical college and have been looking at state requirements as well. Any information you would have would be gratefully appreciated.

In Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3, I referenced NFPA 1670. That is the Standard for technical rescue training and Chapter 8 is the section on vehicle and machinery. The other NFPA Standard that is very relevant is NFPA 1006. That Standard has specific information on what competencies the individual rescuer should have.

In 1670, the Standard uses Ops and Technician-level competencies. In 1006, that Standard uses Level I and Level II competencies. They are close to each other but not exactly the same in all areas.

Basic Firefighter I and II now have several small references to extrication so you can also reference NFPA 1001 but there's not much there since these guys are rookies and at the entry level.

In most states, being 'certified' as a vehicle rescue technician is up to the state's fire training agency. I find that most of these agencies base their curriculum and testing on 1670 while some use 1670 & 1006.

Ron M