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    Default software to simulate different fire conditions

    hey guys,

    a while ago I was at some training where the trainer took pictures of structures in his district and then with the help of some software, was able to add different fire conditions to these pictures. he then presented this different pictures using a projector and a laptop. some pictures had nothing showing. some had light smoke conditions rolling out of a window. some had heavy fire and black rolling smoke. anyone familiar with a software that can do this?



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    Probably SimUshare

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    There are quite a few. CommandSim, Fire Studios, Action to name some. The one redd mentions is new, but is really good with even some free versions.

    It all depends on what you are looking for. For example, CommandSim gives the user vast abilities related to multiple users and interfacing them. It allows one user on a computer to be the engine company say and if they do something inside, it will change the smoke and fire simulation that the incident commander is looking at on the outside. Of course that costs alot of money.

    The others are mostly for showing one powerpoint and one view, but have some expansion capability.

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    If you want to cheap it out and have any artistic ability - use MS Paint (or a similar graphics program). Granted, you won't get the fancy smoke and stuff, or animations, but between the drawing tools in Paint (especially the spraycan, for smoke), and the ability to cut and paste from other photos you can find on the 'Net, you may be able to turn out some credible material.

    All you need is some pictures of the structures (from several angles) you want to use and that bit of artistic ability.

    If you decide you can do it justice, I'd invest in one of those pens - much easier than drawing with the mouse.
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