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Thread: A must for all aspiring officers

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    Default A must for all aspiring officers

    How to Access the IAFF Fire ground Safety Awareness Course
    Rapid Intervention Crew
    My department just mandated that every member complete the IAFF Fire ground Safety Awareness Course. I can honestly say that this is the BEST TRAINING I HAVE GONE THROUGH IN RECENT MEMORY. It’s a video based learning program that you can do anywhere you have internet access. It’s through the International and there is absolutely NO CHARGE. I believe it should be mandatory for ALL firefighters. It’s very credible and really gets you thinking about how to react when the inevitable MAYDAY call comes in. It also trains you what to do when you are the one who is in trouble. Below are the directions of how to access the program.
    Good luck and stay safe!!!
    1) Go to
    2) On the left side of the screen hover to “Programs and Services”
    3) Next hover to “Education and Training”
    4) Hover and click on “Online Learning”
    5) On the bottom paragraph click “HERE”
    6) Enter your “Member ID Number” (We will provide that for you), First Name, Last Name, and our Local Number “2787”
    7) Select a username, password, and enter an email.
    8) After the first paragraph; click on “Click Here to Access the Learning Management System”
    9) Under “First Responder Training”; Click the “IAFF Fire Ground Survival Awareness”
    10) On the Enrollment screen click “Enroll Me”
    11) You have now accessed the IAFF Fire Ground Survival Awareness online training program.
    12) The program is divided into 1 introduction section and 5 training sections. Each section has a video to watch and a post quiz to accomplish.
    13) To watch a video; go to the bottom of each section heading; click the icon with the corresponding section title.
    14) Select “High Bandwith”. Wait for the video to download. Watch all modules for the Video. When the Video finishes close the window and click the red “Return to Course” button.
    15) To take the quiz. Go to the corresponding section and click the icon. Click the “Attempt Quiz Now” button. Click “Start Attempt”. You will have 30 minutes to take the quiz.
    16) When finished Click “Submit Quiz”. A second window will pop up click “Submit Quiz”. You must score 80% to move on. Review your quiz. When you pass, click “My Courses” on the top left of the screen and repeat the process for the other sections. If you did not score at least an 80% click “Re-Attempt Quiz”.
    17) After completing the entire training program, complete the course evaluation and print out your certifications.
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    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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    This is great! do you know of any other online courses that I can take in my spare time to get certs for? id like to get as many certifications as possible, always need something to do in my spare time at the station anyway, im looking for online certs that are free or even cost as long as you learn something and get a cert from them, thank you

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