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    Default SAFER DJ's

    Looks like the DJ's for SAFER are out, got both this morning.


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    Got one turndown on hiring, but still have R&R pending w/ 1199 update.

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    Default Dj

    Got a DJ for a R & R SAFER grant today

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    Default Dj

    Well, R&R dj for me as I hadn't tried this since being successful the very first year, but does anyone have a clue how the automated evaluation scores?

    The dj was nice to point some smaller deficiencies peers found in my 'generally good' request but not quite sure how to address getting a good computer score

    Ideas? Please? Too bad I don't drink... or that bar would be calling me all night :-(

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    I suspect, as I discover every year, that the majority (not everyone) failed at this because you lost sight of the purpose of the program and that is to comply with NFPA 1710/1720. If your proposal did not clearly demonstrate that you were currently unable to meet compliance standards on 40% or less of your calls, and then demonstrate how your R&R program would increase your compliance to 80% or better on all calls.....well there you are!
    Kurt Bradley
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