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    Default Grants for gym equipment?

    First time FD grant writer, however in my day job, I am a full-time grant writer. At my volunteer house, we have absolutely no gym equipment (sad I know). I was wondering where to start looking for grants. I know Firstrespondergrants.com, however is there a large database that holds the standard to all grants placed by the federal government (i.e. Fedbizops.gov)? If so, is there any known grants that would be able to fund gym equipment, which of course can be spun into the angle of firefighter preparedness/training equipment. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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    Your first step should be to get into a class; AFG is a different animal from what you may normally be dealing with. Second be prepared if you want gym equipment you will need to do physicals for your staff. This can be included in the grant too.
    There are a couple of very good instructors on this board Kurt Bradly (first responder grants) and Brian Vickers is where I would start.

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    We received an AFG Grant several years ago for gym equipment and personal trainers to come in and set up an individualized training program. We also included specific cardiac blood testing (High Sensitivity CRP) in our annual physicals and wrote the Grant as a "Cardiac Risk Reduction Program". It worked out really well for our volunteer department. Good luck.

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