I am a paid Firefighter/Paramedic for a large city in Texas that has been given the task to research and solve potential hazards within a fire dept. mainly in the legal stand point when it comes to fire dept. members and DWI/DUI arrests.

The purpose of this post is to ask what your dept., if any, has in place to help reduce or eliminate this problem as we have witnessed a rise in arrests (ex. Taxi voucher's, etc.) or any statistics within your dept. when it comes to members being arrested for this offense (how many per year, consequences-termination-suspension rate, etc.).

We currently have in place EAP assistance and of course our own dept consequences to the member but I want answers on more of a prevention then the aftermath.

I thank you for your time and any information would be greatly appreciated as we continue to help each other in reducing injuries or deaths of our own fellow co-workers, our Brothers and Sisters!