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Thread: Pulse Oximeter Redesign

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    Default Pulse Oximeter Redesign

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    Looks good to me.

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    Looks OK, but at a $35.00 price point (or less) for what is on the market now, which we really don't have many problems with, I don't see where it will help us out. What kind of price point do you (or Phillips, the company funding this) see for this unit?

    I would also worry that what works for the ER may not be the best unit for in the field, and vice versa. When one unit is made to cover many uses, something gets left out.

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    Looks like a good design to me. Rugged enough to meet out-of-hospital needs, and a good balance between being small enough to be economical, but not so small that it would be easily lost.
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    Not significantly different from the $100 fingertip unit we're using now. Perhaps a bit more rugged. Our 'el cheapo' unit has four display options.

    Looks like there might be room - consider a Bluetooth option so the unit can be tethered (eventually, or with a companion adapter) to EKG monitors. One less cable strung across the ambulance.

    Now if someone can come up with a similarly inexpensive CO unit, we'll be golden.
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    Thanks for the continued feedback y'all. Yeah from everything I've gathered, CO a low cost, is highly desirable.

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