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    Default Passed up on a hiring list b/c my PST score was expired - how?

    I'm ranked #7 on a City who's Civil Service Commission certified its list last June. They had hired through 6 as of November, I've been waiting to be hired, knowing the list is up in June. I found out they're hiring one more next week. I know because a guy I know who is ranked lower is going to a Chief's. His letter states 3 guys are going for this one job.

    I'm pumped on my way home to get my letter. No letter. I call HR. She tells me my Public Safety score expired in September. I say that's impossible, I take the test twice a year. Well they pulled my perfect 100% score from 5/11 and so the score is good for 15 months, or until September 2012.

    I ask why they certify the list in June '12 then, and it says it's good for one year. She's even told me that in three seperate conversations that I would be next if somebody retires or a recruit fails out. Now this.

    Anybody have any advice on this. It's crazy. I take Public Safety twice a year, and I have no control over when they pull scores. I can't take the test more than twice a year, unless of course I'd have failed. Then you can take it every three months.


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    when did you take the test last???

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    All kinds of factors could come into play.
    I have seen where some departments require the most recent test score.
    You may have been certified initially, but your score may have not met the criteria of being most recent, therefore disqualifying you.
    Rule of Threes

    Was this after the panel interview? Sometimes HR isn't on the same page.
    Give PST a call. They're good at fielding questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ffbam24 View Post
    Rule of Threes
    I just found out about this recently. Explains some stuff in my past testings. Sometimes it's just bad luck. Not helpful, I know, but all part of the process sometimes.

    Your situation does seem odd though. That makes no sense if you test every 6 months.

    Best of luck getting things squared away. Keep at it!
    Nothing is as unimpressive as someone who is unwilling to learn.

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