I am gathering information on methods municipalities and other organizations use to evaluate the performance of uniformed fire department employees (field personnel). While I am focused on Fire-based EMS services like my own, I am interested in any information on evaluating fire and EMS personnel, especially with respect to differentiating between performance on incidents and performance in-station or during 'down-time'.

If your agency (any fire department) BOTH evaluates personnel on a yearly or other periodic basis AND employs some type of form or other structured tool (“instrument”) to conduct and document those evaluations, I would greatly appreciate your responses to a brief questionnaire.

You will be asked a maximum of 15 questions, mostly check boxes (with the option to comment if you wish).

The questionnaire is here:


Your answers will be used in a research project for the Executive Fire Officer program and available at the National Fire Academy for anyone interested. I will also be glad to share all I learn directly with any and all respondents.

Thank you,

Ryland Kendrick
Battalion Chief
Fairfax County (VA) Fire Rescue Department