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    Default Are you illegally using CPAT??

    I have been talking this over with some of my friends that are in the fire service in different departments and can't come up with an answer. SO before I go to the source I thought maybe someone here could chime in. Here is the issue.....and its a couple parts

    1.)Many fire departments use CPAT as a condition of employment. Many Job Listings have things such as EMT or CPAT as a prerequisite. From what I gather, a department will ask for a "current" CPAT card to be considered for hiring. Many of these departments do not issue the test but rather rely on local fire academies, tech schools, or community colleges to conduct tests periodically.

    2.) Most if not all tech schools, colleges, or fire academies only have Limited CPAT Licenses.

    Is the CPAT that many of these departments use ( that do not carry an IAFF CPAT license ) under copy right infringement? Are departments and above listed schools illegally issuing a true CPAT exam? Can these types of schools just hold random or periodic CPAT tests to issue cards to whoever passes?

    Here is what is on the IAFF Web Site for CPAT Licensure..I have highlighted and underlined some key items

    Under the current policy, authorization to use the CPAT under a full license will only be granted to fire departments and other employers that will be fully administering the CPAT Program and hiring fire fighter employees. Limiting the granting of licenses to only those entities that actually administer the program has enabled us to better ensure that the CPAT is only being administered in strict compliance with the licensing agreement. Third party testing organizations (limited to federal, state or provincial agencies; state/provincial fire academies; colleges/universities that conduct pre-employment testing; or pre-employment testing organizations) that only administer the physical testing portion of the CPAT may apply for a Limited License. Such Limited Licenses allow such third party testing organizations to use the CPAT for purposes of testing the physical capability of fire fighter candidates. However, this license is granted only upon the express conditions that the licensee may only administer the CPAT for a fire department that already possesses a complete and valid license from the IAFF. Limited licensees shall not administer the CPAT to any person without first obtaining a written agreement with the fire department to which the person is applying. The provisions of this agreement are outlined below.

    These Limited License organizations then operate under the license of the jurisdiction that is responsible for administering the overall CPAT Program. In addition, a fire department that uses another fire departmentís resources and facilities to test candidates must apply for a license of their own. The licensing policy ensures that the CPAT Program used by the licensee fully covers every aspect of the CPAT, including recruiting and mentoring programs, providing recruits with fitness guidance to help prepare them for the CPAT and setting up and administering the test.

    Any use of the CPAT without a license or any misuse of the CPAT program is a violation of the IAFF copyright on this program.

    What do you think??

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    The potential for violation is there, but to know you would need to establish which departments are accepting third party test results, find out if they hold a full license themselves, and whether they have an agreement with the third party agencies.

    I looked at the listing of approved agencies (both fully and limited licensees), and didn't get the impression that there were many limited licenses out there, but as you said, they were all testing networks or colleges/fire academy programs. The organizations that did have limited licenses (such as NTN in Arizona) was listed by certain fire departments as a valid testing source, which leads me to believe that they must have a valid agreement with those departments, especially since they are listed on IAFF's own website.

    It seems like the list is incomplete, since there are a ton of departments without a listed testing source (including "internal" if they do it in-house), but since they all hold full licenses, they should be able to accept results from a limited licensed CPAT provider.

    Overall, I wouldn't see a need for concern with someone going to a third party agency and obtaining a CPAT certification card, and then applying to a FD. It's how NTN & Public Safety operate. I wasn't issued a "card" per se when I tested, but the results were stored electronically and I was able to have them sent to any department that had an agreement (I'm assuming sanctioned by the IAFF) as part of my application.

    I'm more curious about why it is important to you. If the department that's asking for CPAT results isn't listed on the IAFF's website, then it would be safe to say the department isn't licensed and is in violation. I don't see how it would be the fault of the third party tester, since it was the FD's prerogative to accept results that they weren't licensed to accept. It would be really helpful to get a specific example of what exactly you're looking at, as my experience hasn't led me to believe that the system could be abused to that extent.

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