I'm hoping someone out there can fill me in on a question I have regarding the entrance process for the St. Louis County Fire academy. I have been trying to get into this academy since probably 2007 (or whenever they started this new lottery system). I fill out the info card almost every process, and never goes much farther. I find it kind of hard to believe that I've been this unlucky for these many years. My suspicions are that there is some union involvement at work behind the scenes here. My question is, can someone tell me if this is true and if so, what is the best way to get on the union's radar? I already have my FF1 & 2, Medic, and even took a fire job in another part of the state to improve my resume. But none of these seem to matter without that golden St. Louis County Fire Certificate. Feel free to private message me if you don't feel like posting the reply on this forum.