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Thread: Can I see some painted tools (axes, pike poles, etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FyredUp View Post
    I humbly take umbrage with some of your comments. First of all, I remove ALL of the paint when I paint any surface on a tool. Why? Because it looks like a dog turd if you don't and I want my tools to look good as well as perform good. Secondly, I agree with the shape point you made. Too many people sharpen a fire axe in the same manner that they sharpen a wood splitting axe and that is DEAD wrong. A fire axe is a crushing and cutting tool, not a splitting and cutting tool.

    The rookie comment thing is wrong though. I was first taught not to paint the head of axes and sledge hammers to be more easily able to inspect them for damage.
    As for removing ALL the paint, it depends on the quality of the original paint, and the reason for repainting it. If the original paint just needs touched up, there's no need to completely strip it. But if it's a matter of pride for you, drive on.

    I have never in my life seen a defect in a hammer, axe, or any other striking tool that was not glaringly obvious. By the time one of those tools gets a fracture in it, it will have been greatly abused. Paint isn't going to cover up a loose handle either. You can choose to not paint the head of a tool, I just can't see where it makes a difference. The paint shouldn't be that thick that it hides it. I'd be more worried about a wood handle being painted, especially near the head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bones42 View Post
    Our tools are left how they come from the manufacturer. We put a label marking our company and that's it. We used to have some painted ones, but they have been replaced with non-painted. Haven't seen a need to have any of them painted again.
    If nothing else you may want to at least look at tuning your halligan bars. A few improvements will make a world of difference in useability.
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    I don't mind fire rolling over my head. I just don't like it rolling UNDER my a**.

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