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    Default Jacksonville, FL 2013

    Can anybody give any information on JFRD's hiring process, how many they're hiring this year, or previous experiences please? I think this is the coolest department on the planet so any information would help. Thank you!

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    I don't believe the outlook is good. If you have Facebook, check out the Jacksonville Association of Firefighter page and talk to Mark Treglio. He is their VP and very knowlegable about the ongoings of the department.

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    Will do, sir. Unfortunately, I have been hearing much of the same. Thank you for your direction and time. God Bless!

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    From what I've heard, this is just for a hiring list. The prior list expired with no hirings, so they need to start the eligibility list again. There are "rumors" they may hire a class this year, but I doubt it. I'm thinking it will probably be sometime next year.

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