Okay so I am I fire medic that has been at large combined fire department for the last 4 years I have been at a busy station with some great guys for the last 2 however due to low ALS staffing and seniority I have been stuck on the ambulance for most of that time. don't get me wrong I eat sleep and breathe fire and would love to get my pump license however due to not enough engine time it is extremly difficult to get the required driving hours. so I feel like I'm stuck in a rut I'm missing all the fires and can't promote due to low engine time. On top of all of that it feels as if the guys think of me as a lesser of a fireman because I'm rarely on the engine and haven't crawled the amount of halls that they have. So here's my question. Should I request a transfer to a single engine house without a ambulance. However I could end up literally anywhere, with way worse crews. Or do I stick it out and hope that it gets better in the long run.