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    Hello, I'm Russ Treadwell. I'm sure you could of figured that out by my name. I've been a junior for 4 years (18 in June) and I'm going to pursue a career in firefighting after college next 2 years (21). I wanted to join NYC ect but everyone just laughs in my face and says your just like everyone else.
    I first discovered that I wanted to become a firefighter when I was around 10, my mom and I was on our way home from walmart around 10:00 PM and there was a car fire in this field by our house. I was like oh my god, that's crazy. So my mom called 911, and "Westwood Volunteer Fire Department," responded with a few engines. I was like "Holy crap, it's actual firefighters." The thing is most kids look up to firefighters, because we do the job most are afraid of. We deal with some scary stuff, but we move on because it's our job.
    I joined their department about 6 months after that as a junior, but they got overwhelmed with juniors so I was first to go. I then went to the department I'm currently on, England Hill Fire Department. I've been there ever since, here we have the best family any person can ask for.

    Anyways, I'm a developer and I need some help to promote my tool. -
    keep in mind, I'm not someone that just joins forums to advertise. If any staff believe that I joined to advertise, please just remove the link and PM me. I'll understand. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I also have a personal website -

    Our facebook page (started by me, I added some admins on that page to help maintain it)
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