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    Lightbulb Hydraulic/Pump Ops books for upcoming EO exam

    My department has an upcoming Engineer/Operator exam upcoming this fall. I'm trying to decide between 2 books to add to my list of study material. Has anyone use or can recommend either of the 2 books listed below? Thank you

    Fire service hydraulics & Pump Ops

    Fire service hydraulics

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    The link below is pretty good but not strictly hydraulics. I do have a good hydraulics overview if you're interested.


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    Default Test

    Most departments have a study list that they send out prior to a test to be given. I take it yours did not????? The best for me was the Fire Service Hydraulics book by Mahoney. Good luck....
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    Quote Originally Posted by JayDudley View Post
    Most departments have a study list that they send out prior to a test to be given.
    If your department provides a source list of materials to study, you must utilize those books to prepare for the exam if you want to prepare yourself to the best of your ability. My department has a track-record of utilizing some of the worst books available for promotional exams but, unfortunately, you must study them because those are the books the test writers will utilize to create questions.

    Once the promotional process is completed, then you can utilize any book you want for personal enrichment. Test preparation, however, necessitates that you utilize the department's selected sources (however "blah" they may be).

    Good luck.

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