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    I currently have a survivor light and usually take a light box with me on fires but recently i have been thinking of getting something less bulky. I was looking at different helmet lights like the good old garrity light and the streamlight vantage and also the search sleeve. Was wondering what everyone is using and their opinions on them.

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    Not an attack on you by any means but please do a search. This has been discussed many times.

    Personally I carry a Streamlight Survivor on my coat and a UK4AA on my helmet. I am a little paranoid about not having a light so in my turn-out coat pocket I carry another UK4AA and a cheap Harbor Freight AA Led light. The only time I take a Light Box anymore is if I am RIT.
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    A few years ago, I bought a helmet light from Foxfury.... This is an outstanding light. I don't have one with the colored LED's that are supposed to work better in smoke environments but I have to tell you that this light is amazing. It lasts a long time on batteries and can really light up a scene. It adds a little weight to the helmet but not much and it is low profile so it won't get hung up on anything. It works out great on MVC's, especially when taking down information for the reports. Here is the website...

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    i had the old school garrity light i my helmet for about six months it looks so cool but it wasnt bight enough for me. i seen a few of my guys on my dept had the foxfury commander 20 lights and another dept close to me was issuing them to all of there members.i have it and love it. i would buy this light over and over. but some reviews i did read said the the strap was not that great, i or anyone iv talked to has had any trouble with the strap or the light.

    i also have the Streamlight Survivor on my coat i love it. it take a beating any still keeps going

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    Pretty much the same as everyone else. StreamLight survivor on the coat, foxfury 20 on the helmet and a CREE melt you eyeballs out light in the left pants pocket. We all had problems witht the foxfury helmet light at first. With a clean helmet the rubber strap griped the helmet well. After a little soot the band would fall right off. I put little velcro strips on the band and helmet and that worked great. I did start to worry about putting flamable stuff on my helmet and am currently looking at the little plastic clips Bullard puts on wildland helmets to keep your goggles in place. I will try those soon.

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