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    Default Universal foams or wetting agents

    Anyone had any experience with these so called "universal foams" or wetting agents that are used on all classes of fire such as NovaCool or Cold Fire. There are several more types out there and I'm not looking for company specifics just product information - pros and cons of product. thanks

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    Boots - I have no firsthand experience but my department has done considerable research on firefighting foams, often with the assistance of Williams and 3M. Our resident foam expert (now retired) found poor results with these combination foams. We were fortunate to have several large fuel farm fires over the last 30 years with significant improvement in our foam quality and delivery techniques after each one. Most of this field testing occurred at the time I was hired but we feel we have really benefited all these years.

    We use Williams Thunderstorm AR-AFFF 3% and I think the stuff is amazing. Prior to this we used 3M Mil-spec 3-6% AFFF ATC (before 3M got out of the foam business). We use Akron eductors and foam tube nozzles attached to Turbojet nozzles. I really don't like the new eductors but prefer the old brass Elkharts.

    We also use Williams Class A, and primarily batch mix in the booster tanks. It works great, but honestly I think good old dish soap works good too.

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