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    Default What to wear to Fire Academy Graduation ladies?

    Hi everybody!

    Hubby will be graduating from Fire Academy in May. I was wondering what I should wear as I will be the one to pin him. I read online in an etiquette blog that I should be dressed "classy" which is a given, but just curious as to what others have worn before & if others have any other detailed ideas? Should I wear a certain color? Should I wear a dress? I have long hair which is down to the middle of my back. Should I wear my hair up or wear it down? I just want to look my best for my husband!!! If any guys read this, have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    wear what you would to chruch or a very nice restaurant.

    just do not look like some of the woman on th red carpet.

    do not outshine your husband, but sometimes that is easy to do.

    Just go and enjoy the moment and do not worry about what you are wearing.

    What is he going to wear??? normal uniform, street clothes, dress uniform the black type???

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