Special message for military personnel and veterans

The State of Texas recognizes the contributions of our veterans. The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) in collaboration with the Office of the Governor, Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Veterans Commission and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is spreading the word to veterans about licenses they may be eligible for and that may assist them in their search for work.
For veterans who received emergency medical technician (EMT) training in the military and have a current National Registry of EMT (NREMT) certification, Texas EMT certification requires a simple application, a small fee and the successful completion of a background check.

Military personnel shall follow the same application process as Out of State/Reciprocity applicants because Military courses are not Texas approved/certified courses and are therefore considered Out of State courses. Please use Reciprocity application and process to gain Texas Certification.

If a service member's EMS certification expires while he/she is deployed, DSHS rules allow a one-year grace period following demobilization for military personnel to renew certification without late fees or skills verification.

To renew your certification/licensure go to:

We extend our thanks to previous and current military personnel for their service to the United States of America.


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