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    Default Fed Wildland Temp Hire

    Anyone who applied for temporary Federal wildland firefighter positions have any offers yet?

    If so what region/state/area AND what agency (NPS, USFS, BLM, USFW, BIA etc.)

    It seems a lot of the agencies have been delayed and as a result are late in the hiring process.

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    I just heard my buddy got offered a job today for a type 2 hand crew for BLM out of Las Vegas.

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    Most of hiring has been completed for the USFS in California, hiring on my district was done last month. There is still some going on to fill behind people who have taken other jobs or otherwise backed out though. The permanent fire hire has also resulted in some new vacancies as seasonal firefighters get hired into apprentice positions.

    Based on reference checks I've been getting on past employees there is still some hiring going on, oddly much of it in Southern California who usually start a bit earlier.

    The DOI agencies (BLM, NPS, USFWS, BIA) were hit harder than the USFS by the budget cuts and many units have delayed their hiring and / or reduced staffing.

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