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    Default internal harness vs external harness

    We are going to be getting some sort of harness for our bunker pants "internal,external" with our new turnout gear. I would like to here your thoughts,comments,like's,disli ke's, pro's,con's on what you have or wish you had from anyone that has a harness. Also do you have to take the external harness out of service after 10 years like your turnout gear?
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    I carry a Gemtor 541NYC with a Sterling F4 kit. I like the external harness because I can attach the kit to it and all buckles, carabiners, etc. are easily accessible. Plus, any gear can be retrofitted with loops for an external harness.

    No advice on an internal harness for you.
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    I've never seen an internal equivalent to the Gemtor. The closest I've seen is the integrated drag strap on the back/shoulders of the coat.. that's hardly a harness, though.

    We were just issued and trained on Gemtor harness and the Sterling F4.. overall a very nice system though I strongly dislike the fanny pack. Once I got the gemtor fitted right I hardly notice its there except for the second clip that has to be attached while donning.
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    We just replaced our external Gemtor's with internal harnesses. Personally, can't wait to switch back. The internal harness simply isn't as freely useable as the Gemtor was. I have not found/seen/heard 1 viable advantage to the internal over the external, but have found a couple reasons to go back to the external Gemtor.
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    We have internal harnesses in our veridian pants and the drag harness in our coats. I personally like it other than the pain in the @$$ it is to put in and out when you wash your gear.... Lot less things to get hung up on compared to our neighbors who have the external on the same gear.....

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    I'm issued a pair of Globe G-Xtreme pants with their IH Series 2 Harness. Its a Class 2 internal harness and I have no problems with it. I barely even know its there and I have used it quite a bit in bailout training and have even done a few longer rappels off the drill tower with it and it is very comfortable.
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