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    Default Sporting Ammunition and the Firefighter

    In case you've ever been un-nerved in a fire with ammunition going off. Here is an informative video.....

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    just remember black powder and a shell in the chamber are different animals.

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    During a fire here sometime before my tenure, our firefighters found shot shells set up individually on the stairs, apparently as decoration...

    Then there's the incident (don't remember when or where - wasn't here) where a semi-auto rifle that apparently had a round chambered cooked off during a structure fire, hitting a chief's vehicle. Since it was a semi-auto, it simply chambered a new round, which also cooked off. IIRC, the rifle fired several rounds on its own.
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    Houston had an incident in the late 80's (maybe early 90's) where a firearm discharged during a house fire and struck a firefighter in the femur during a quick attack or primary search. I'll if I can dig up the information about it.

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