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    Default New Place to Talk About Firefighting Equipment

    Hi everybody,

    Just wanted to make you aware of a new place to talk about firefighting equipment. It's extremely new so not a lot of posts yet, but would love for you to check it out.


    This isn't a company blog or commercial website, just a subreddit -- on the popular Reddit website -- that was designed for Firefighters to talk about the equipment they use every day. Give reviews, ask about a new product, answer other's questions, and discover new products that others are using. (This is obviously in addition to this forum, just another community you may want to consider with different Firefighters to hear from.)

    You'll see on the sidebar of the page a list of popular places where you can check out equipment and gear from, plus other relevant links.

    Just started at the end of last week and it's already almost 50 members strong. Give it a look if you'd like. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the info Barry. I will check it out.

    For others: it is a legit site, with all kinds of sub reddits to join. Definite way to *waste some time* Good to see some fire stuff info on there though instead of cats and WTF photos.
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