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    Default Medical/blood pressure

    So, I got my conditional offer, participated in my medical, psych evaluation and it all went well. My only worry is that I am on high blood pressure medication. I went in and my BP was 128/78, which is good. I came across the perf requirements and found this....

    Sec. 2. (a) As determined by the PERF board or the PERF board's designee and based on the results of the general medical
    history and the physical examination of the candidate, the preexisting conditions identified in subsection (b) will result in the
    candidate being ineligible under certain circumstances for the Class 3 impairment benefits established in IC 36-8-8-13.5(e).
    (b) Each of the following preexisting conditions constitutes an excludable condition under IC 36-8-8-13.5 and IC 36-8-8-

    (47) High blood pressure, evidenced by any of the following:
    (A) Any blood pressure reading above one hundred fifty (150) millimeters mercury (for systolic).
    (B) Any blood pressure reading above ninety (90) millimeters mercury (for diastolic).
    (C) Use of antihypertensive medication.

    Now, my worry is that becasue I am medicated that I will have to come in and get my blood pressure tested unmedicated. Will this be an issue? My medical was a week and a half ago, and the physician didnt say anything about my blood pressure or my medication anyone have any experience with this?


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    I am a volunteer so I can offer you zero advice as far as the hiring process. But I thought it was a good topic and I'm posting to keep the thread bumped higher in hopes that someone can help you.

    By the way, I'm on BP med too. Lisinopril here. And you?
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    I assume you listed the type of medication on the medical form? If the doctor knew about it and didn't bring it up. Then I wouldn't think it would be an issue. Do you remember what your bp was like for them to give the medication?

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    (C) Use of antihypertensive medication

    I doubt they will have you come back to have your blood pressure retaken off the meds. It looks like if they notice this in the standard they will already assume your pressure is an at risk pressure or out of standard.

    But is Hypertension listed as a class A or class B medical standard is the real question? Class A they can fail you right away (Not saying thats right) and Class B they still can but other factors should be looked at.

    Even if the standard says its a failure and they choose to fail you. Doesn't mean they really have grounds to do it. They still need to prove it causes you to be a risk on the fireground.
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