Hey guys,

It's been a minute since I've posted in the general forum, I usually lurk in the hazardous materials forum waiting for someone to ask a gas detector question so I can help, but I figured I'd venture outside my normal zone to post this up here for you guys.


The above is my Youtube channel. Basically what I do is every time I get a gas monitor in at the shop, I take a video of how the calibration is performed and post it on Youtube so anyone who doesn't know how to do the calibration sees exactly how to perform it. This way you don't need to send it out to people like me for calibration. I'm in the process of uploading the manuals for all the gas detectors, all the part numbers you'd need to order from your distributor, etc. If there's a gas monitor I don't have up on the channel, and you have one that needs calibration, I'll do the calibration work free of charge, provided I can make a video out of it and post it up. Of course, if I do, I'll plug your department as being full of generally nice guys that care about keeping gas detectors safe for their team. Independence Township in MI for instance was a big help in letting me use their MSA Sirius monitor to post a video.

I also have a few videos on how to replace Oxygen sensors and other likely repairs that you may run in to.

Anyways, if you have gas detector questions or anything like that, feel free to call me or post here and I'll respond. I've helped a few departments pick out new monitors that work for them (no they weren't buying them from me, but I like helping hazmat teams and fire departments anyways). Calibrations and repairs are what I do all day basically, so bring on the questions for anything you may have thought of regarding the detectors. If I don't know, I'll find out for you.

I'm also debating doing a video Google+ hangout answering questions and doing demonstrations for some things with the monitor live. Would anyone have an interest in attending an online video Q and A session like this? Let me know.


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