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    Default question about driving tickets

    Good Morning guys,
    I got into an auto accident about 1.5 years ago and recieved a careless driving ticket. I attended driver improvement school, paid my fine, and no points were added to my liscence. I know many departments are strict about tickets on your record, so my question is how much will this affect me? Will departments not hire you just becuase you have a ticket, or are they more concerned if you have points on your liscence(for insurance reasons i would assume)?

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    should not be a problem if that is the ONLY dent on your record.

    you can check different city web sites and some will list their disqualifiers

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    No issue at all. Nobody is perfect. Its an isolated incident and you did not receive any points against your license.

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    Even if it will, test and interview for departments as much as you can. You can get good at those parts of the hiring process so when your driving record improves you will be making far in the hiring process.

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