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    Default Where can a fire dept get a lic to show moives for a fund raiser?

    We are a small rural fire department and this summer would like to have a "movie" night in town once a week. Where would we get a lic. to show the movies? IS there a web site or has any other fire department done this kind of fund raiser if so how did you go about it?

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    try this

    SWANK Motion Pictures, Incorporated – the web site for this company is www.swank.com, and the phone number is 800-876-5577. The list of films they distribute is on their web page, but they add new films everyday.

    Criterion – They are the other big distributor. Their web site is www.criterionpicusa.com, and their phone number is 800-890-9494.

    Conduct a web search – a good place to start is www.imdb.com, the Internet Movie Database. Simply go to the site, type your film in the search area on the left, and choose the correct film out of the results. Once you choose your film, go to the “Company Credits” and look up “distribution.”

    If you STILL can’t find out who distributes the film, you can call (310) 247-3020, to the Reference Library of the Motion Picture Academy.

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    Also check with your local school district. I know mine has licenses to show movies for fund raisers. You may be able to have the school show the movie and have the money go to the fire company.
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