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Thread: Minitor V programming question

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    Default Minitor V programming question

    Quick question for those in the know...

    We're changing to a two tone paging system, i.e. a set of tones that will alert for our still alarms (medicals, etc.) and another set of tones that will alert for our general alarms. The intent is that personnel not on duty can switch their pagers to only alert for generals at night so they can sleep, keep the better half happy, etc. yet be able to respond for fires.

    So we have Minitor Vs for all now since none of our earlier pagers were two channel (if they were even available). We've always had our Vs set up before this coming change (we had some on hand, but not enough for everyone) in tones to also broadcast our MABAS frequency on "scan" so we could have a head start responding on mutual aid calls before our dispatch alerted us. This could often save a minute or two getting people to the stations...

    Our local radio shop states that with our V's it is impossible to have one setting dedicated to alerting only "stills", one setting dedicated to alerting "generals" and still allow the MABAS frequency to be "scanned." If the pager is two channels, it should be able to run two separate frequencies in my opinion, regardless of how it alerts to tones. Am I nuts?

    Hopefully my description makes sense. Anyone think our radio shop is giving me a bunch of bull? That's what I think, but don't know enough to prove otherwise. If I have to, I'll corner someone from Motorola at FDIC I suppose.

    Set me straight if I'm wrong, please...
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    You cannot dictate 2 different sets of "off duty" tone groups in the pager. One switch would have to be all tones, and another switch would be those that are set "off duty". You would then need to set which tones should alert "off duty" and which should not. If you could do without the MABAS channel you could set the different tones on F1 and F2 and then set the switch positions accordingly.

    SHAMELESS PLUG: Feel free to visit US Alert at FDIC to check out the WatchDog Pager, which could be setup the same way, uses AAA rechargeable batteries, is less expensive, and comes with a standard 5-year warranty. Booth #13148 in the hall between the stadium and convention center.

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    Thank you to the salesman above for promoting his product yet again, but offering no feedback related to the question.


    It is entirely possible to setup your pager in a fashion similar to what you want, but it won't be exact. You could for example do this:

    A: Selective Call F1 - Duty enabled
    B: Selective Call F1 - Duty NOT enabled
    C: Monitor F1
    D: Scan F1 / F2

    My feeling on it, as the guy who programs up the pagers at my agency, is that if they are monitoring the channel, they can deal with the alerts for ANYTHING that comes in (working incident, EMS page, fire page, whatever....). If it's going to bother the wife, then it should be on the appropriate Selective Call setting.

    While you're their, tell them to go into Engineer Mode, and turn your single channel M5's into two channel versions! It doesn't void the warranty, and the hardware in the single channel pager is the same board that's in the dual channel. The only difference is the lack of the checkbox being enabled....
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    Quote Originally Posted by VTFFEMT View Post
    Thank you to the salesman above for promoting his product yet again, but offering no feedback related to the question.
    Sorry if I was misunderstood VTFFEMT. I thought my response provided the answer to his question.

    Npfd801 if you'd like me to go over in more detail you can contact me through PM. I'm happy to help regardless of the product you have. Yes, I'm a salesmen for OSI, but I'm also a volunteer firefighter and I'd rather help a fellow firefighter than make a sale if it's not needed. If you're coming out to FDIC I'd be happy to go over this with you there.


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    I don't see why this wouldn't be possible, based on how we have ours programmed.

    Our schedule:
    A - Monitor primary dispatch channel
    B - Monitor secondary dispatch channel, scan back to primary channel
    C - "Silent" mode, will vibrate when a call is received, but not open the audio
    D - "Silent" mode, will audibly alert when a call is recieved

    I have three sets of tones in my pager - one for EMS calls, one for fires/wrecks/etc, and one for county fire administration notifications. No matter if my pager is in the A,C, or D position, it will alert for any of these tones.

    I don't see any reason that you couldn't program both the tones for still alarms and general alarms in one position, MABAS in a different position, enable scan, and still receive all of the alerts.
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    Default Two-channel Minitor V

    They didn't make single-channel Minitor V's, just two-channel, and if you only bought one channel it was "crippled" ... look around for a modified program or instructions to modify yours to reveal the "engineer" menu. Presto! Two-channel pagers!

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