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    Default What to do with old SCBA?

    We were fortunate enough to receive a grant to replace our 15 yr old SCBA. The question is what are we allowed to do with the old units? Can we trade them in, sell them, or donate them? Do SCBA fall under the same requirements as unsafe vehicles that cannot be sold for firefighting purposes?

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    Hopefully you would donate them - I have a couple of departments in our area that are still using demand valve units, I would love to get them in 20 year old positive pressure packs, their 5000 yearly incomes just don't allow for much more than putting fuel in the tanks and cheap insurance.

    But you can pretty much do whatever you wish, there are no restrictions in the AFG program about airpack disposition.

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    Unless you specified what you were going to do with them in the narrative, you are free to dispose of them as you wish. I too am a big believer in donating the packs to a needy department. Share the wealth. And at 15 years old, you will get very little on trade. Realistically, they will be parted out at best.

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    We donated our old ones to a department in Alabama after the storms a couple of years ago. The chief drove all the way to Ohio to pick them up. He was very excited to receive them. In my mind it was just the right thing to do.

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