Our department received a donation for a new 14” gas powered rotary saw equipped with a toothed blade. A simple and kind offer has turned into a month long debate. Stihl or Husqvarna? But that’s not all. While doing some research our maintenance officer was informed by the Stihl salesman that “OSHA is trying to band toothed blades on large rotary saws.” Today I was doing some research to try to help bring this process come to a close and I emailed Stihl. I asked which models they recommend for emergency services and the use with toothed blades. I was told that OSHA prohibits the use of toothed blades on saws that do not have a retractable guard and that Stihl saws are meant to be used with diamond and abrasive blades only.
Does anyone have any insight as to what regulations there are in the use of toothed blades and if we are going to use one, what size saw will we need, i.e. horsepower.
Thanks for any assistance but let’s keep it simple.