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    Default External Speakers for Scanner?

    Im looking to connect two speakers to my scanner I have and was wondering if getting a set of computer speakers would work or should I use something else, thanks.

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    Computer speakers would work. If you're looking to put them some distance apart (as in two rooms) you're going to have to figure out how to extend one of the lines. That might involve adding some audio connectors to the wire you run from where the scanner is to where the other speaker will be placed or splicing into the existing cables. The second option can be dicey, as the cables aren't usually made for splicing. You should be able to find the connectors at Radio Shack or a similar source.

    You'll have to watch your audio levels so you don't get distortion. Computer speakers are generally intended to plug into the headphone jack - a much lower audio output than a scanner. Scanners are usually capable of 4-5 watts of audio output.

    As long as you don't get too carried away, and/or keep the impedances matched, you can simply use a couple of regular speakers (old mobile speakers, or something you acquire from Radio Shack or the like). Check the rated impedance of the scanner itself (probably 8 ohms). A couple of 8 ohm speakers in parallel isn't likely to damage the scanner. I've been running that set-up for years in my house. Getting fancier (more speakers) requires mixing series and parallel connections to balance the impedence, or going to a separate amp.

    Have fun, and good listening!
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    What are you using for speakers?

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